Cora's Kids


At Dream of Wild Health, we believe that children are sacred, wakan. They are the future, just like the precious seeds in our collection. Our Cora's Kids program is a way to bring families together around healthy food, nature, and traditions.

Each summer, we offer programs for Native American youth from the Twin Cities. We invite kids ages 8-12 to join Cora’s Kids, a one-week program that teaches about organic farming, health, and culture. Kids learn from our original curriculum, In Cora’s Garden, that tells the story of Cora Baker, a Potawatomi elder who gifted her lifetime collection of seeds to the farm. Exercises and stories help kids learn about diabetes and the importance of a healthy diet.

The families start each morning in circle with staff, learning to smudge and pray with tobacco. We don’t allow cell phones, video games, or any electronic devices. The families learn to plant, grow, harvest and cook fresh, organic vegetables. Some of them have never seen corn growing in a field or tasted a fresh picked green bean.

Cora’s Kids work with our Native Chef, learning to make healthy snacks like fruit salsa. After lunch, they explore the fields, making friends with the frogs. We also learn to make traditional crafts like tobacco pouches and learn to paint water colors inspired by the plants.


"I look forward to going to the farm to see my new friends and getting to work. My Mom and Dad are coming to the feast. I can show my Dad all the work we did. I absolutely love being in this program. I hope I have a chance to come back next year."

                              --Cora's Kids